Are you vegan ready? Take a look at our 3 NEW vegan products

We are proud to present our 3 NEW Love Fresh vegan products. It couldn’t be a better time to launch a selection of innovative vegan products with veganuary fast approaching. Plus, the vegan population is expected to rise by 327% by 2020 (Plant Based News) so there’s no sign of the vegan trend slowing down. In fact, vegans and vegetarians look set to make up a quarter of the British population in 2025 (The Vegan Society).

Take a look at our exciting new vegan products:

  1. Oriental Red Jackfruit 1kg – Shredded jackfruit in an aromatic tomato and red Thai sauce.
  2. Bang Bang Falafel 1kg – Falafel and chickpeas in an aromatic sweet and spicy dressing with a hint of sesame and flecks of red pepper.
  3. Asian Grain Salad 2kg – White rice with quinoa and green lentils in an aromatic dressing.

For inspiration on how to use them, take a look at our recipe ideas.

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