Technical Manager Casey Higgins Wins Prestigious OSI Europe QA Communication Award

On Friday 5th April 2019, Sharon Birkett presented Casey Higgins, Oliver James and Proper Pies Technical Manager, with the newly introduced OSI Europe QA Communication Award.

Sharon Birkett, Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at OSI International Holding GmbH, explains;

“OSI Quality Group created this new award for the best communicator at the annual OSI Europe QA Meeting. Each Technical Manager presented an opportunity or best practice from their site. Their peers voted on their presentation skills, clarity and conciseness. Clear, concise communication and commanding attention are critical skills for a Technical Manager when they are involved in a crisis or communicating up the organisational structure.

We are proud of Casey Higgins, the first winner of the prestigious Communication Award. Casey can now display her trophy, drive the competitive spirit and show her skills to the site teams. Congratulations Casey, a job well done!"